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Hey People!

Long time no see. Sorry I haven’t post anything in like 3 months, I’ve been very occupied with school and such.

Now, just because I was busy with school didn’t mean I stopped drawing! I made about 10 drawings while I was doing my homework a while ago. So, expect lots of drawing posts these days :]

Okay, now on to this drawing.

Made-up Character

It was originally supposed to be Morinozuka from Ouran High School Host Club, but it somehow ended up like this. For some reason while I was doing the drawing I couldn’t get his nose or smile right so I just gave up and tried to ¬†make a character up. And thus, this was born.

It’s been about two weeks since I drew that and I’m watching an anime called “Nana” and BOOM!¬†this happens:


Ren Honjo happens. My made-up character looks like him. While I was watching the series I paused the part where he showed up and I thought to myself “Where have I seen him before??”. So, after I finished watching a few episodes(18 episodes at midnight, on a school night, because I’m a badass) I decided to look at some of my drawings, and I noticed that the one I drew looked like Ren.



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90’s Kids. The truth.

Hey people! I just wanted to say the truth about 90’s kids. First of all, you’re abosolutely NOT a 90’s kid if you were born in the 1990’s. WHY? Well, because you didn’t even remember any of the 90’s. Kids that were born in fucking 1999 think that they are 90’s kids, guess what?Here’s a bitch slap to reality, YOU’RE NOT. AT ALL. Just becuase you know who Nigel Thornberry it doesn’t mean you’re a 90’s kid.

Second, you ARE a 90’s kid if you were born in the 1980’s. Because you actually remebered and lived your CHILDHOOD in the 90’s. When I say your childhood, I mean when you were about 10 or so,because you actually remembered what happened and the shows that aired back then.

I don’t mean to sound mean or anything, or sound like a douchebag or bitch or whatever, but that’s just my opinion,okay?

It just makes me fucking furious when a 13 year old says:”OMG I’m SUCH A 90’s KID!!LOLOLOL!!!” I just want to slap him/her in the face. I swear, I have no faith in my generation.

Well,sorry this doesn’t have to do with my drawings, I just didn’t know where to publish it. If I post it on Facebook, people will be like:”omg ur so stupid!” “lol wut r u talking about?”. You know, people will say something along those lines and horrible grammar.

Anyway, comment below if you want…