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Why I don’t paint most of my drawings

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I’m just writing this to tell whoever is reading this, why I don’t paint or color with crayons most of my drawings. First of all, I’m a horrible painter and I’m afraid if I paint the drawing, it’s going to f*ck it up.Second, I don’t like painting nor coloring with crayons,since I suck at it.

Kinda weird that I like to draw,but I hate painting, huh?

The closest thing to painting that I do is that I draw with oil pastels sometimes(I haven’t uploaded the drawings yet),and that I color the hair of my drawing with a black pencil.

TL;DR I don’t paint most of my drawings because I’ll end up fucking it all up;I suck at coloring,but I’m pretty good at drawing.

PS: TL;DR is like a tiny summary of an article/post,so if you don’t want to read the whole thing,just read the TL;DR 😉

PPS: I’m not saying I don’t like paintings, I’m just saying that I don’t like doing them since I suck at painting. 😉

BONUS: Here’s a drawing one of my friends made.



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I was born on August 7,1998. I like to draw.

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