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New Kenshin Drawing!

Rurouni Kenshin drawing!
Sorry it’s kinda blurry,it was about 12:00 am when I made the drawing and took the picture.



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Random Fact!

Hey! Did you know that people that write with their left hand are considered smarter than right handed people because they have to use both sides of their brain to write and/or draw.
Another random fact is that I’m a lefty! 🙂
I do everything with my left hand. Eat, draw,write,etc.

PS: I’m gonna draw my guinea pig today and post it tomorrow!!

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Why I don’t paint most of my drawings

I’m just writing this to tell whoever is reading this, why I don’t paint or color with crayons most of my drawings. First of all, I’m a horrible painter and I’m afraid if I paint the drawing, it’s going to f*ck it up.Second, I don’t like painting nor coloring with crayons,since I suck at it.

Kinda weird that I like to draw,but I hate painting, huh?

The closest thing to painting that I do is that I draw with oil pastels sometimes(I haven’t uploaded the drawings yet),and that I color the hair of my drawing with a black pencil.

TL;DR I don’t paint most of my drawings because I’ll end up fucking it all up;I suck at coloring,but I’m pretty good at drawing.

PS: TL;DR is like a tiny summary of an article/post,so if you don’t want to read the whole thing,just read the TL;DR 😉

PPS: I’m not saying I don’t like paintings, I’m just saying that I don’t like doing them since I suck at painting. 😉

BONUS: Here’s a drawing one of my friends made.