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Hey People!

Long time no see. Sorry I haven’t post anything in like 3 months, I’ve been very occupied with school and such.

Now, just because I was busy with school didn’t mean I stopped drawing! I made about 10 drawings while I was doing my homework a while ago. So, expect lots of drawing posts these days :]

Okay, now on to this drawing.

Made-up Character

It was originally supposed to be Morinozuka from Ouran High School Host Club, but it somehow ended up like this. For some reason while I was doing the drawing I couldn’t get his nose or smile right so I just gave up and tried to  make a character up. And thus, this was born.

It’s been about two weeks since I drew that and I’m watching an anime called “Nana” and BOOM! this happens:


Ren Honjo happens. My made-up character looks like him. While I was watching the series I paused the part where he showed up and I thought to myself “Where have I seen him before??”. So, after I finished watching a few episodes(18 episodes at midnight, on a school night, because I’m a badass) I decided to look at some of my drawings, and I noticed that the one I drew looked like Ren.